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Meet Joan

My name is Joan West. Born and raised in Maine in the early 60’s with my twin sister and two older brothers. It was a time of pen and paper, sharing our words, thoughts, and appreciation to others with letters, notes, and meaningful cards. I consider myself a ‘Creative Being’ as I have been creative my whole life. My husband Don West and I live in Bucksport, Maine. 

We met over 26 years ago on a golf course via mutual friends in Cincinnati, Ohio. Then off to Savannah, GA where we lived for 15 years. In 2018, we moved back to my home state of Maine. Don is from Arkansas, and he’s not crazy about the snow that happens here. My hobbies are playing pickleball and being a maker of my products.

 I also love spending time with my twin sister, Jane Arey doing anything and nothing! What a GIFT! 


My heart’s spirit strives to be a ‘light in the world’ to encourage, uplift, and inspire people towards the positive side of living. I have been a self-employed entrepreneur for many years creating and owning multiple businesses since my mid thirties. My pillowcase gifts with uplifting messages were created in 2018 as a functional product holding kind, heartfelt meaning for both, giver, and receiver. Since then, I have added more unique artisan made ‘Boutique Gifts’ to our collections. They are packaged and ready to give with the intention of great appreciation, upliftment, and joy to be shared. Today, my boutique gift products are in many boutique gift shops in New England and coming soon will be shared with the Southern regions of the USA. My heart’s passion is to present to the world functional art to encourage, inspire, and uplift the humans’ spirit! How does it get any better than this?

 - Joan West, I Am Creating My Life—Happy Human 

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a positive influence in the world today by sharing encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring products packaged as “meaningful gifts – ready to give”. Our goal is to curate items which hold high energy towards something which could be appreciated by both, the giver and receiver. We strive towards 100% Happiness with our products, and customer service. Making people happy is why we search for Artisans and Makers who share great passion for what they create. It comes through energetically from them and transfers out into the world as uplifting love and light.

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